There is a fact that every dog is so unique, you can not find your dog looks same as your neighbor’s dog (of course, I don’t mention about the twin dog). It easy to differentiate by the appearance, however, the health, the character needs time to be discovered. How about the diet of dogs? One mistake people usually have is think that all dog should have the same diet. That is totally wrong, your dog diet should depend on activity level, growth, age, your dog look thin or fat, they suit to canned food or a dry one.

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Feed your dog base on his daily activities

Your dog walk every day? Are they playing hard? Do they have to care and play with your child? Do they have to protect your house? Or they just lie on the ground and sleep all day.If your dog involved in the activities like the athlete in their training, you should feed him more as he needs more energy to be active as yesterday.

When you do not feed them enough, your dog can not recharge for the energy they have lost, it is not a problem for one or two days. However, in the long run, it is the cause for your dog exhaustion. The situation can be worse if your dog doesn’t have their needed nutrient for a long time, it certainly will lead to the illness.

Growth can be a factor

A puppy will need more energy as they have more activities to do than the older dog. But, remember that puppy’s food should be rich in protein since protein is the essential nutrient for your dog to grow. It supports the dog’s body, helps their body to create more muscles, balances the construction of the body.

For that reasons, you should give your puppy more food. It makes they healthier, grow faster. In this time of life, they will not get overweight as long as they join in the physical activities. Low nutrient for dogs can be the cause of the quality of dog coat and other diseases.

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The dog’s age

The older the dog are, the less nutrient they need. It means that you can reduce your old friend food. When the dog gets older they are much less active than the young one. No more walking out, no more playing, they need more rest and quiet.

So when you get an old one, feed their less as they are don’t need much to remain their body. Give they more just make they heavier and slower. And another thing you should notice that is the mature dog food is reduced or not is depend on their sizes too. If your dog size is bigger few times than the puppy, it certainly you should not lessen it.

Your dog they look thin or plump?

Your dog’s food should be adjusted based on appearance, unless you can see the waistline and not too hard to feel the rib of your dog, you will need to cut down their diet. If your dog gains more weight than you want, reduce the calories from 10 to 25 percent. Cutting back the calories doesn’t mean you will decrease the amount of dog’s food. You can choose another way, use the food have the fewer calories.

And, in case you think your dog is too skinny, you can increase the calories by two ways are cited. More food or food rich in nutrient. Hardly it happens, however, if your dog doesn’t want to eat more than usual, the food with more nutrient is your best choice.

Basically, dog food compound of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. If your dog gets fat, try to use the food with low fat (about 8 to 10 percent), in reserve, the food with high fat is about 14-18 percent. Don’t forget that when you choose food for your dog.


Hope that base on these information, you can plan a healthy diet for your dog. Which help them to have a fit body and can recharge all energy after a day with many activities.

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