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How to Raise a French Bulldog Puppy

How to Raise a French Bulldog Puppy

It’s important to train a dog regardless of breed. If you get a French Bulldog Puppy home, it may be difficult to train him. Although your Bulldog is smart, he is also a little stubborn. Fortunately, you can do well your responsibility with a little patience, practice, and kindness. Sure, your dog will be a good companion. Read this article to learn how to raise a French Bulldog Puppy.

Housebreaking Your French Bulldog

Decide the place your dog will toilet

Don’t allow him to get familiar with toileting indoors once you want him to do this outside. If you want your dog to toilet in your yard, you should take him to the spot right away. Let your dog sniff around the yard until he defecates. Then, you can go into your home.

Start training immediately

To make your dog become a good household member, it’s best to train him as soon as possible. The thing you need is to be very consistent. In addition, it’s important to encourage your dog when housebreaking him.

Pay attention to signs when he needs to toilet

You need to learn about your dog’s specific signs. Also, it’s great to make him the habit of frequently opportunity to toilet. There are some signs you need to know such as panting, barking, pacing or sniffing around the house, and wandering off to a quiet area.

Clean up messes right away

You should know when your dog needs to toilet otherwise he will go in the house. It requires you to clean up messes immediately. It’s essential to use a product designed for pet messes. This will help you to remove the scent of urine completely. Remember not to scold or hit him because of this accident. This can make him not to trust you.

Use a Crate to Housebreak Your Dog

Use a crate

Prepare a crate that has to be large enough for your dog. It’s important to let him grow into its full adult size. Also, make sure he can turn around comfortably. If you want to housebreak your dog, it’s best to use a crate.

Set up the crate

We recommend you to set up the crate with a soft blanket in the bottom. In order to encourage him, a great way is to give him a few healthy treats in the crate. However, you shouldn’t leave water in the crate. It’s great to put it in somewhere quiet. Don’t make him feel isolated or punished when you put him in it.

Introduce him to the crate

Encourage your dog to enter the crate by keeping the kennel door opened. You should leave him in the crate for 10 minutes. It’s better to sit near him during this time. Let him out when he’s quiet.

Increase the time you keep your dog in the crate

It’s a great idea to keep him here for longer periods of time. In fact, if you have an older dog, you can leave him in the crate up to 4 hours. But, don’t leave him here for longer. In addition, avoid using it as a punishment.

Socialize Your French Bulldog

Expose him to your household

You need to make your French bulldog puppy become a part of your household right after getting him. It’s not essential to shield your Bulldog from energetic family members as well as noisy activities. The thing you need to do is just make sure they are non-threatening.


Give him a ride

Make sure your dog feels comfortable with riding in vehicles. This is also a great way to introduce him street sights and sounds outside. Use a harness or carrier in order to protect your dog safe when you are driving.

Take him to the park

The park you choose has to allow him to play with other dogs and humans. This is also a great way to help him burn off some energy.Most importantly, he had two first distemper vaccines before you take him to the park.

Teach Your dog basic commands

Use short and effective lessons

A young bulldog requires a 5-minute training session. Then, increase the time gradually over time. It’s best to do 3 to 5 training sessions per day. Avoid training him when he feels tired or hungry. This can make him lose focus on learning. More importantly, you have to be consistent and patient with him.

Teach him no or stop

It’s very important when you want him not to chew or bite. If you see your dog do these things, you should say “No chew”. And then, give him an acceptable chew toy. Continue to teach him what he can chew.

Teach him to sit

Let your dog stand in front of you. Then, bring a treat so that your dog can see it. Next, say “sit” with a friendly voice. Sometimes, he may jump to your attention. You will have to keep him on a leash. This way can help you to correct your dog’s behavior.

Teach him to come

You can say “come” when your dog is sniffing around or playing. Then, your dog surely runs over to play with you. You should give him a lot of praise or a treat when he can do this. This command is used when your dog does a dangerous thing. It’s essential to practice it at different times.

Train your dog the quiet command

A great method to silence your dog is using a bag of treats handy. Once he barks, say “quiet.” If he knows that he needs to stop barking and does that, let’s give him the reward immediately.

Click training your dog

Train your dog to link a clicking sound from a clicker device. You can give him this clicker as the reward for following a command. Sure, your dog will correct his behavior thanks to the clicker sound. And then, you can wean him off the treats if he gets used to the clicker.

How to Wash and Groom a Dog’s Face

How to Wash and Groom a Dog’s Face

As a pet owner, you need to bathe your dog from time to time. This way aims to keep them clean as well as eliminate dirt and smells from the coat. Your dog may love or hate baths. But, it’s still important to clean up him occasionally. When bathing or grooming your dog at home, you need to ensure to make him comfortable. In addition, you also should clip and trim the fur on your dog’s face. For many owners, it may be a challenge to clip and trim, especially when their dogs have their head in a pile of earth. In this post, we will give you some tips on how to wash and groom a dog’s face effectively. Keep reading to learn more.

Wash the face

When it comes to bathing your dog’s whole body, you need to allow him to keep his face fully out of the water. Remember to just use a shower head up as high as his chin as well as along the back to the level below his ears.

Avoid spraying his face with water. Instead, you should not only keep but also soak well away from your dog’s eyes. It’s best to use a non-irritant shampoo because it won’t cause pain.

Wipe his face with a wet flannel in order to proceed instead of soaking their fur. Moreover, this flannel gives you more control rather than a sponge.

When you tend to get your dog’s face wet, the first thing to do is remove any tangles by your fingers. Also, don’t forget to part the hair away from clumps. By this way, you can easily make the water penetrate while you needn’t soak your dog.

We recommend you to work from beneath the eyes downwards. It’s essential to untangle as well as to wash under his chin as well. When you clean around his ears and head, it’s best to use a damp flannel. The flannel will avoid running water into his eyes and ears as well.

Remove stubborn dirt or stains

It’s not easy to get your dog’s face clean properly, especially when his face is very dirty or stained with oil or grass. This may require you to take a while. But, rushing the process by adding too much soap and water is not a good solution. Instead, you should remove this dirt and debris from your hands. You just need to wipe at dirty areas a few times until you loosen up the stain. Aside from that, we also recommend you to use a detangling agent for dogs. This will help your process become easier.

In some cases, it’s hard to remove a stubborn as well as deep stain all in one go. That’s why you have to use wipes and gently clean his face a few times a day after you bathe him until the stain goes away.

Clip around your dog’s face

You shouldn’t use a motorized clipper on his face because of its noise and sensation of the clipper. Moreover, its close proximity to his eyes as well as ears is very alarming for your dog. If you are trying to pull your dog when you clip around his face, he may suffer from injuring because of clipping the wrong area. In addition, you shouldn’t use the clipper on his face. Instead, it’s best to trim facial hair by your hand if possible.

Trim by your hands

Some dogs come with very hairy faces. They include a long fringe of fur. Especially, they can hang over the forehead as well as eyes if you don’t trim them back like the Old English sheepdog.

If you plan to trim your dog, you should do this by hands. In addition, remember to do this with scissors that are not so sharp. This way aims to prevent nicking or cutting your dog as he moves or even jerks back. So, it’s important to ensure to keep your dog restrained when you trim his face. And, his range of movement should be limited. Additionally, your dog also needs to be calm. Don’t make him overly stressed as well as het up.

You may be in the difficulty when trimming your dog’s face. Indeed, you may get the inherent risks of using scissors. When doing this, remember to trim your dog at home once you think you can do it confidently. Most importantly, you have to know how to do it properly.


Your dog’s face is an important part of his body. It has the purpose of communicating a lot of emotions. Moreover, it helps to touch us on an elementary level. But, your dog’s face can’t avoid attracting schmutz as well as getting dirty. We recommend you to wash his face at bath time. Hope our tips today are useful for you.



You have a dog?? You don’t want to regularly schedule for the trip to the groomer just for a bath and haircut?!? Why don’t you buy a dog clipper and do it by yourself? The first time you buy it? Okay, here are some tips may help you with it.

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The louder it is, the worse it will

Do you know a clipper with thunderous sound will make it harder for you to groom your dog? Not just inconvenient you but also your dogs.

  • A noisy one will extremely irritate, or another way to say, drives you crazy, make you mad. Believe me; it will be uncomfortable for you to hearing the deafening sound while you grooming your dog.
  • Another reason is dogs are very sensitive, and they might be scared by the sounds of the clippers. To make them “friendly” while growing you will need completely mutual understanding between you and your dog. Try to make them trust you and it will be much easier.
  • The strident sound, also, unpleasant your dog and make them run away. Unless you want to chase your dog around the house, you will need a noiseless one. Choosing it and you will be paid off.

Finding one with appropriate weight and comfortable grip


There is no proper way to measure which weight and grasp are the best for the users, however, you – also the user – need to feel it and experience it on your own. To choose the right one for you, It is better you should try these steps.

  • Hold it in your hand. Is it too heavy, do you think? Is it fit your hand? If it is heavy for you, It absolutely not a good choice, find a clipper that is not that much weighty is the solution.
  • How about it is too big or small for your hand? Well, it is not good. As you groom your dog, you will want to hold it firmly and tightly in your hands. For incident, you may hurt your pets, and believe me; your dog will not like that, the same for you. So bear in mind the good unit has to fit your hand.
  • When you have the one with the perfect grasp and proper weight, which is just half of the way. Image, you will need to deal with your dog for 15 to 30 minutes or even more, meanwhile, your arm get more tired. That is bad because you have not think about it so before choosing a one, you even need a weightless clipper, make sure you consider this problem first.

As long as you can get a clipper suit you with its weight and hold, you find it easy to do it. Maybe, you will love it because you and your dog will have more time together.


No wires? Choosing longest battery life

As you have to use it more than one time, you should spend more money for battery if you choose battery-operated. That decision will save you some bucks. In the long term, you will find it beneficial.

  • The longer battery means that it is not necessary for you to charge it usually or the worst situation, you have to charge it while you are growing.
  • Besides, the battery will last longer, in other words, it will last longer time till the battery is useless. So it is really a good choice to invest money on battery.