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How to Raise a French Bulldog Puppy

How to Raise a French Bulldog Puppy

It’s important to train a dog regardless of breed. If you get a French Bulldog Puppy home, it may be difficult to train him. Although your Bulldog is smart, he is also a little stubborn. Fortunately, you can do well your responsibility with a little patience, practice, and kindness. Sure, your dog will be a good companion. Read this article to learn how to raise a French Bulldog Puppy.

Housebreaking Your French Bulldog

Decide the place your dog will toilet

Don’t allow him to get familiar with toileting indoors once you want him to do this outside. If you want your dog to toilet in your yard, you should take him to the spot right away. Let your dog sniff around the yard until he defecates. Then, you can go into your home.

Start training immediately

To make your dog become a good household member, it’s best to train him as soon as possible. The thing you need is to be very consistent. In addition, it’s important to encourage your dog when housebreaking him.

Pay attention to signs when he needs to toilet

You need to learn about your dog’s specific signs. Also, it’s great to make him the habit of frequently opportunity to toilet. There are some signs you need to know such as panting, barking, pacing or sniffing around the house, and wandering off to a quiet area.

Clean up messes right away

You should know when your dog needs to toilet otherwise he will go in the house. It requires you to clean up messes immediately. It’s essential to use a product designed for pet messes. This will help you to remove the scent of urine completely. Remember not to scold or hit him because of this accident. This can make him not to trust you.

Use a Crate to Housebreak Your Dog

Use a crate

Prepare a crate that has to be large enough for your dog. It’s important to let him grow into its full adult size. Also, make sure he can turn around comfortably. If you want to housebreak your dog, it’s best to use a crate.

Set up the crate

We recommend you to set up the crate with a soft blanket in the bottom. In order to encourage him, a great way is to give him a few healthy treats in the crate. However, you shouldn’t leave water in the crate. It’s great to put it in somewhere quiet. Don’t make him feel isolated or punished when you put him in it.

Introduce him to the crate

Encourage your dog to enter the crate by keeping the kennel door opened. You should leave him in the crate for 10 minutes. It’s better to sit near him during this time. Let him out when he’s quiet.

Increase the time you keep your dog in the crate

It’s a great idea to keep him here for longer periods of time. In fact, if you have an older dog, you can leave him in the crate up to 4 hours. But, don’t leave him here for longer. In addition, avoid using it as a punishment.

Socialize Your French Bulldog

Expose him to your household

You need to make your French bulldog puppy become a part of your household right after getting him. It’s not essential to shield your Bulldog from energetic family members as well as noisy activities. The thing you need to do is just make sure they are non-threatening.


Give him a ride

Make sure your dog feels comfortable with riding in vehicles. This is also a great way to introduce him street sights and sounds outside. Use a harness or carrier in order to protect your dog safe when you are driving.

Take him to the park

The park you choose has to allow him to play with other dogs and humans. This is also a great way to help him burn off some energy.Most importantly, he had two first distemper vaccines before you take him to the park.

Teach Your dog basic commands

Use short and effective lessons

A young bulldog requires a 5-minute training session. Then, increase the time gradually over time. It’s best to do 3 to 5 training sessions per day. Avoid training him when he feels tired or hungry. This can make him lose focus on learning. More importantly, you have to be consistent and patient with him.

Teach him no or stop

It’s very important when you want him not to chew or bite. If you see your dog do these things, you should say “No chew”. And then, give him an acceptable chew toy. Continue to teach him what he can chew.

Teach him to sit

Let your dog stand in front of you. Then, bring a treat so that your dog can see it. Next, say “sit” with a friendly voice. Sometimes, he may jump to your attention. You will have to keep him on a leash. This way can help you to correct your dog’s behavior.

Teach him to come

You can say “come” when your dog is sniffing around or playing. Then, your dog surely runs over to play with you. You should give him a lot of praise or a treat when he can do this. This command is used when your dog does a dangerous thing. It’s essential to practice it at different times.

Train your dog the quiet command

A great method to silence your dog is using a bag of treats handy. Once he barks, say “quiet.” If he knows that he needs to stop barking and does that, let’s give him the reward immediately.

Click training your dog

Train your dog to link a clicking sound from a clicker device. You can give him this clicker as the reward for following a command. Sure, your dog will correct his behavior thanks to the clicker sound. And then, you can wean him off the treats if he gets used to the clicker.



Having a four-leg friend in your home is great; you have someone to love to care. Especially, a dog is so trustworthy and friendly that make you less lonely and boring. A dog can also defense your house, having a hairy friend in the home will help you feel safe. However, to adopt a dog, you will have many things to consider, no matter this is the first time you get a dog or you have already adopted few times. That is really a matter as after bringing a dog to the home, your whole life will change.

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Choosing a dog base on the character, not the look

Most of the people choose a dog because of their appearance, a cute, lovely dog will be adopted right the way. However, what you should care about the dog is their character, not the outside of the dog. You can know dog character thank to the breed or history.

Some kind of dog is really energetic and they need exercise, if you are really busy and do not have time to spend with them, it is not a good choice for you. In a house with the children, you had better find a dog can live with the children and play with them.

Some accident happened when people don’t have enough care for the history of the dog. Be sure to notice for the dog history as your children can be in danger if the dog attacks them.

Is that dog shed?

Some dog can shed more many times than you can image. The husky is the typical example; they shed as the season change. In the time they are shedding it is not easy at all for you to vacuum your house twice a day.

Even though you try to tidy your house, continuously vacuum house, it can not guarantee that all the fur disappear. Meanwhile, you can see the fur everywhere in your house, your bed, your clothes, food, or café. Don’t be surprised! It will discomforts you in few weeks.

Do You have an allergy? Or any members of your family have it? Then the shedding dog is not for you. Though you could think they are adorable, do not get it to your house since you will regret your bad decision.

What age your dog should be?

Keeping a puppy in the home is more difficult than a mature dog. The puppy hasn’t known the rule in the house yet, you will need a long time to teach them. They do not have the discipline, they have more energy. As a result, you can see, some furniture in your house is scratched or bit.

The adult dog, in reserve, knows some basic rule, some dogs even know some trick, and you don’t have to pay time to teach them sit or do something similar. They do not need to play and exercise much. But, they are not suited to the energetic kids in your home, and the old dog will need more health care.

The size of dog

You should choose a dog to suit your house. Your house is so small; the big dog can be in there. The dog will need to run around a little bit. Give them the space they want, let they play, they need to relax. Tiny house will prevent them from having fun.

The large dog can be the cause for the broken lamp, cups or dish. While chasing or running, they will break something. A large body makes your dog move flexible; anyway, better the dog does not take too much space in your house.

The money you have to cost

Having a dog is cost. According to research, the average money people spend for their dog about 1000 per year. You will have to pay for the dog food as well as the groomers. Your dog will have the problem about health, so the money pay for the vet is unavoidable.

Except for the regular pay for the groomer, food, toys, an accident can happen, if they are hit by the car, or they are broke their legs; there are more things you have to pay for dogs than you can imagine.


The responsibilities

Having a dog, you will have to concern about more thing, you have to take responsibility for your dog. Ask yourself questions. Who will watch them when you go to work or when you hang out with friends? What you should do with your dog when you are on your vacation. There will be a lot of problems occurs after you adopt a dog.

Besides, you should tell to people around you about your intention to adopting a dog. Your family might object doing that, or your landlord doesn’t love animals. The dog can bark and wake you up at the midnight or just disturb you when you really need to focus on your work.

The dog actually really need the exercise, how much they need depend on the type of dog. But, generally, you have to walk your dog at least a time per week unless they will do it themselves. Your shoes, salons or the clothes are a really good target for them. That is what you will lose when you do not pay time for them.

The reason for this is the dog naturally is very energetic, playing or exercising make them exhausted and lessen the aggressive. Without working regularly, they will eventually be misbehavior and it is really what we don’t want it to happen the most.

Your dog might be friendly; however, it will not be friendly to every people. Some of your guests will be scared by your dog behavior. Sometimes, your dog will bite some people, the neighbors, guests or even the family member can be the victims. That is not the worst; you will have to compensate for the victims and lost some relationship.

Be patient!

If you want to adopt a dog, it is necessary to let your dog discover your house, they need time to get used to it. Your dog will need time to obey your command. To your dog, you are still stranger, though, after few weeks, they will wag their tails every time they see you.

Your dog also needs the praise and reward. Give them the praise with the medium voice will help them calm and more trust you. Treat them when they behave well, do not angry at them. They are like a kid, you should slowly teach them what to do and what not. Base on your lifestyle, they will change themselves and gradually adapt to the new life.